In action on the field at Superbowl XXII, San Diego, 1988.
(Photo: Ken Levine)

With elephants on safari in the Maasai Mara, Kenya, 1994.
(Photo: Lynn Quayle)

Sketching lion from safety of Hummer, Kenya, 1994.
(Photo: Lynn Quayle)

Sketching infield at Churchill Downs during the Kentucky Derby, Louisville, 1997.
(Photo: Lynn Quayle)

Before the race with jockey Julie Krone and actress Bo Derek, Louisville, 1995.
(Photo: Lynn Quayle)

Being interviewed backside on the morning of the Breeder's Cup race, Louisville, 1998.
(Photo: Lynn Quayle)

With Mark McGwire at press conference for unveiling of painting and silkscreen of McGwire, Beverly Hills, 1999.
(Photo: Vince Bucci)

Signing serigraphs with Joe DiMaggio, Fort Lauderdale, 1998.
(Photo: Gerlinde Photography, Inc.)

At entrance to Fouquet's, café on the Champs Elysses, Paris, 1993.
(Photo: Lynn Quayle)

On the field of epicurean pleasures.
(Photo: John Lair)

Cooking with four star chef, Guy Martin, in kitchen of Le Grand Vefour, Paris, 1993.
(Photo: Lynn Quayle)

With Muhammed Ali along Congo River, Zaire, 1974.
(Photo: Neil Leifer)

With George Foreman, Las Vegas, 1995.
(Photo: Gene Kilroy)

Conferring with Jack Nicklaus at Pebble Beach Golf Club, Carmel, 1984.
(Photo: Mike Conroy

With Arnold Palmer at the Vintage Club, Palm Springs, 1986.
(Photo: Lynn Quayle)

Backstage at the Metropolitan Opera with Luciano Pavarotti, dressed as Pagliacci, New York, 1994.
(Photo: Lynn Quayle)

Chatting with Ringling Brothers-Barnum and Bailey Circus clown, Madison Square Gardens, New York, 1998.
(Photo: Lynn Quayle)

Sketching from the batting cage, a favorite spot to study the players and to fraternize, Yankee Stadium, New York, 1996.
(Photo: Lynn Quayle)

On the field at Superbowl XXVIII, Atlanta, 1994.
(Photo: Lynn Quayle)

With Frank Sinatra on the set during filming of "Tony Rome," Miami Beach, 1967.

Sailing on Dennis Conner's catamaran in New York Harbor, 1990.
(Photo: Lynn Quayle)

Playing baccarat at the Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, 1988.

With Michael Jordan at half time unveiling of painting of Orlando Magic team, Orlando, 1990.

Presenting portrait painted on South Africa's flag to President Nelson Mandela, Captown, December, 1997.

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